Operation Plan 2023- 2025 Application 300010106

Project goal : The Targeted women rights-holders womengroups in the whole Upper Fulladou constituency are well informed on how to influence and participate in public decision-making processes at local level. Through increased knowledge and application of the same, the women rights-holders have developed strategies and tactics to reach their goals, and developed a network to achieve society changes.

Primer Target group : Women groups in 100 villages in Upper Fulladou constituency. We will actively involve at least 1.660 individuals of which 100 are men ( 8 from Bansang and 92 from other villages), the rest are women.


  1. To create microfinance that is accessible to fight poverty among women
  2. To establish adult learning to eradicate illiteracy among women
  3. To establish civic education to help know our civic rights and responsibilities.

We believe if these three areas are linked, changes of life of women will surely be realised.