Tida Conte and Incha M´bai represented STKK at a meeting, arranged by UNDP and the National council for civic education, on Women empowerment

With their experiences from the project Upper Fuladou women for change, they raised their voices. When the question; “Why are women so poor in the Gambia?” was put forward, they explained that there are several reasons: i.e:

– Illiteracy, many of us women have been denied the possibility to go to school.

– We are not represented in decision making in society, we are not invited and we are not given the possibility to take active part in decision-making.

– Due to how culture and religion is interpreted and used by the men, who are in power and thereafter by the whole society. The men chose only to interpret the pieces in Koran that support their superiority  and  exclude the parts that say men should  take  equal care of their children and  support their wives.

– Lack of self confidence amongst women, due to their experience how they have been treated.

– We live in a patriarchal society.

– The women work too hard at home and take too much responsibility as the men refuses to take their part of the responsibility and work!

We all are really proud of you and how you represented the organisation Sololo Tabokoto Kankilling kafoo ! Thank you


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